Dripping Gold feat. Robb Anthony, illmac & Chefboybonez

by Chase Moore

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"DRIPPING GOLD" was a song that was created at my crib in the early sessions for what would grow to be my new project "Sweet Aromatic". I made the beat on the spot. After many backwoods & some henny, we recorded the joint. This was us on our King Midas steez"

Chase Moore
Dripping Gold feat. Robb Anthony, illmac & Chefboybonez
Produced & Mixed by Chase Moore
Artwork by Bobby Bucher



HOOK (Robb Anthony)

I be on the road that's when she hit my phone (hello)
I know that she miss me cause I'm always gone (gone)
I just wanna fuck around with different hoes
they see me dripping gold
dripping gold they see me dripping gold
dripping gold they see me dripping gold

VERSE (Chase Moore)

these places that i often go
yo i'm on the road saying adios
aye, time is money my watch is gold
it's like you had the key to life but you forgot the code
i'm burning smoke on this balcony
get a dose of this alchemy
the higher you go your mind'll unfold
start with nothing and walk out a king
that's the game
i don't know where i'm going but i'll be back again
i seen shit that you can't explain
so i dream big on the astral plane
like i could be in a room and it's just a mattress
but when i close my eyes i sip from a chalice
in an egyptian palace
aye.. i left my home on some doubt shit
i lost my soul but i found it on a round trip


VERSE (illmac)

get that ass whipped like pootie tang
this actress like a boomerang
she throw it then bring it back
treat her mattress like the kumite
watch a player execute his moves
don't hate the game if you knew the rules
we through with sex it's the uber X
but she's so wet that's an uberpool
like ooh, ooh that's holy water that's holy water
god bless you my aura's shining
got me dripping gold up on ya
i'll die for mine i am no ones martyr
but life is real and so is karma
i don't play the hero it's in my blood
so i live by my gene code of honor
i'm gone... it's never an obstacle when i'm on top of you
taste good as this bottle got me thinking that hennythings possible, ooh
ya it's never an obstacle when i'm on top of you
taste good as this bottle got me thinking that hennythings possible, true


VERSE (Chefboybonez)

ya tank on full gas in the wood
ain't got time for the bullshit life's too good
i wish i would...
trust one of these hoes
i stay in the kitchen watch it switch it
get them digits mind ya business
damn i'm winning gold medals on my neck
Michael Phelps i keep swimming
through the paper get a million
5 on my wrist ain't got time for a bitch
diamond and grill dripping in gold she wanna ride for the thrill
henny on chill cocaine and pills we can get lost in the hills
thumb through them bills show you this lifestyle real
do it right now what's the deal
and you could bring your friends along (bring them hoes)
we gon make x rated videos up on your phone (some nasty shit)
bottles after bottle we stay getting throwed
at 6 you gotta go text me when you get home



released January 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Chase Moore Sacramento

Chase Moore is a producer/engineer/artist based out of Los Angeles.

Chase has produced for the likes of Slug of Atmosphere, Royce Da 5'9', Hippie Sabotage, Raekwon, Freeway, Smoke DZA, The Jacka, Brotha Lynch, Rock, Sean Price & more.

He works extensively with TeamBackPack, Sahtyre, illmaculate, Bobby Bucher & many artists in the battle rap scene.
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